Sacred Earth Waters

Sacred Earth Waters is being prepared for you. Enjoy the videos below which give you a preview of whats to come, and enter you email to be notified.

  • Sacred Waters of Skellig Michael

    In this 2 min video, Ahonu gives an introduction to this tiny island off the west coast of Ireland, tempting us into its wild and mystical past. Prepare to be deeply moved and changed by the magical beauty and ancient legacy of Skellig Michael. This special water will be available soon, and will be known simply as Skellig Michael! 

  • The Salmon of Knowledge

    In this 23 min video, Ahonu tells the story of the "Salmon of Knowledge" and how the Irish mythological hero Fionn McCumhail, got the answer to the question, "Is there a way to know everything?" It is also the story of one of the Sacred Earth Waters called "Liffey Water"!